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BIHE, the annual Azerbaijan International Healthcare Exhibition, celebrates its 15-year anniversary this year.† The exhibition take place on 13-15 October in Heydar Aliyev Sport and Concert Complex.† Over the years, BIHE has rightly come to be considered the regionís main medical exhibition.† It not only reflects the latest achievements and key trends in the development of Azerbaijanís healthcare system, but is also a unique industry barometer.† About 1200 companies from 25 countries have taken part in the exhibition in the past 15 years.† For companies that participate in exhibitions, the results include new contracts, joint ventures, and the appearance of new products and modern technologies in the market.† New exhibitors in 2006 included: Akgun Software (Turkey), Ozgenc Medikal Tekstil (Turkey) and Himedia Laboratories (India), all of which have opened representative offices in Azerbaijan.† Kurt&Kurt (Turkey) took part in BIHE for the first time in 2007 and met local partners at the exhibition.† As the experience of BIHE shows, an exhibition is an important tool for promoting products and services in the market, and a forum that helps companies to understand which kind of products and services are currently in demand. Exhibitions help to bring new technologies and investment to the country, which contributes to the development and improvement of local production.

The exhibition is supported by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Azerbaijan.† For three years, BIHE has held ďUFI Approved EventĒ status.† This recognition by the UFI (The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry) is proof of the high organisational level of the event, and confirms the accuracy of the exhibition statistics.

This year, 74 companies from 13 countries are taking part in the exhibition. †50% of exhibitors are international companies. †Amongst the exhibitors, there are several major companies such as Vitta (Azerbaijan), Medifarma (Azerbaijan), Isomed (Azerbaijan), Aitecs (Lithuania), Akgun Software (Turkey), Belmedpreparati (Belarus), Heel (Azerbaijan), Kurt&Kurt (Turkey), Labservis (Azerbaijan), Med-tech (Russia) and others.† Iran will present a National Stand at the exhibition for the first time. †The exhibition is located in the second pavilion and will include the following areas: pharmacology; medical equipment; medical electronics; equipment and furniture for pharmacies and medical establishments; diagnostics; hygiene products; cosmetology; and diet and food supplements.† The largest section of the exhibition are medical and laboratory equipment, which will present the latest models of medical equipment, such as reanimation units, operating tables, modern ultrasound diagnostic devices, medical exercise equipment, and laser and photo epilation equipment.

For the first time at BIHE, the exhibition organisers, together with the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Central Blood Bank, hold a charity event entitled ďDonate Blood and Save LivesĒ. †Every visitor and exhibitor will asked to voluntarily donate blood at designated blood collection points. Those wanted to be a donor will be quickly investigated to define blood type, Rhesus factor and level of hemoglobin. The blood received, after testing for viruses, will be used to treat patients with haemophilia and thalassemia, and for treating other diseases which require donated blood.

Two exhibitions take place alongside BIHE: Stomatology Azerbaijan, the 4th Azerbaijan International Stomatology Exhibition; and Beauty Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijan International Beauty & Esthetic Medicine Exhibition.

Stomatology Azerbaijan, the 4th Azerbaijan International Stomatology Exhibition, presents a wide range of oral hygiene products, dental equipment and consumables. †The exhibitors include Vita Stom, Saf Med, Caspident and others. †This year, part of the exhibition consists of new dental industry products, which presents by international companies at the stands of local partners. †Traditionally, the exhibition is supported by the Azerbaijan Stomatological Association.

Beauty Azerbaijan, the 3rd Azerbaijan International Beauty & Esthetic Medicine Exhibition, presents: professional cosmetics, solariums, tanning products, spa equipment, aesthetic medicine clinics and beauty salons, figure correction equipment, acrylic and gel nails enhancements, non-reusable salon products, medical establishments and hotels, professional skincare products, massage oils and many other items.† Exhibitors include companies from Azerbaijan, Russia, the US and other countries. †This year, for the first time, the exhibition presents the products of the only manufacturer of fito and therapeutic teas in Azerbaijan. †Visitors can to see products in use during a series of master classes and demonstrations.† Over threedays, Beauty Azerbaijan give exhibitors and visitors a great opportunity to gain an idea of the achievements and trends in the beauty industry.

The joint hosting of these healthcare industry exhibitions will, undoubtedly, increase the profile of the events, and provide a great opportunity to combine the interests of manufacturers and consumers.

The key purpose of the exhibitions is to present as wide a range of health and beauty products as possible.† Health is of the utmost importance for everyone.† BIHE is a meeting point for the interests of specialists from various medical sectors, and offers numerous opportunities for direct communication; sharing experience in the application of advanced diagnostic methods, treatment and disease prevention; and information medical professionals about the development of medicine in Azerbaijan and abroad.† The exhibition will end on 15 October.


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