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Healthcare Week in Azerbaijan

The opening ceremony of the 17th Azerbaijan International Healthcare Exhibition (BIHE), which involved 124 companies from 19 countries representing more than one hundred famous brands, took place at Baku Expo Centre. The 6th International Stomatology Exhibition and the International Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine Exhibition, Beauty Azerbaijan 2011, which is celebrating its fifth anniversary, opened in parallel with BIHE.

Speaking at the official opening ceremony, Mr Mammadali Efendiev, the chairman of the National Confederation of Entrepreneurs (Employers) Organizations of Azerbaijan Republic, and Mrs Rena Aliyeva, President of the Azerbaijan Stomatological Association, stressed the importance of this event in light of the current economic and social development of Azerbaijan, which is also making waves in the field of medicine. The country needs the latest medical equipment and technology in the health industry and BIHE provides a unique opportunity to demonstrate the modern worlds achievements in the industry and annually contributes greatly to the development of this sector.

During the VIP tour the guests and visitors were shown the latest developments from leading companies in Azerbaijan, Germany, Latvia, Russia, Turkey and the Ukraine, among others. Forty per cent of the exhibition space is given over to regular participants in the exhibition, which include Labservis (Azerbaijan), Akgun Software (Turkey) and Amico (Russia). This is the second year in a row that the Bavarian National Group (Germany) is participating in this event. The combination of the three exhibitions means that a wide range of medical goods and services is represented: medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, hygiene products, dental equipment, professional cosmetics, body and hair care products, equipment for beauty salons and much more is available here. This is the second time that there has been an "Innovation Zone" at the exhibition, and it comprises 35% of the total exhibition space.

From the very first minutes after the opening of the exhibition a business atmosphere could be felt. Much proactive work was carried out on the stands, with various new products being presented. In addition, the master-classes, consultations and spa treatments, which were undertaken by the best specialists from the companies, institutions and salons present, enjoyed great popularity with the visitors. Thus, LABSERVIS LTD showcased the new product from Roche a fully automated PCR analyser for the detection of the sexually-transmitted HPV (human papilloma virus), early detection of which is essential for successful treatment. In addition, Medeks offered a presentation of surgery tables manufactured by the German company Schmitz, ultrasonic apparatus made by Aloka (Japan) and anaesthesia (pain relief) equipment made by Siare. The media representatives were especially proactive this year: the Caspian Orthodontic Journal consulted on dentistry and Boutique-Baku organized a consultation with leading beauticians and stylists on its stand and invited willing people to have a professional make-over.

In addition, two debuts took place at the exhibition: the first television channel in Azerbaijan specialized in medicine, Tibb Baku, started filming with BIHE 2011, and the first issue of a national magazine for aesthetic medicine entitled The Art of Beauty, published by Beauty Aesthetic, came off the press on the same day.

Thus, on just the first day the exhibition has confirmed its status as a unique platform at which to discuss prospects for co-operation and showcase the development of the industry and the demonstration of existing trends and knowledge to a wide range of medical specialists. The exhibition will continue until 15 September.

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