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The 20th Anniversary Azerbaijan International
Healthcare Exhibition

The 20th Anniversary Azerbaijan International Healthcare Exhibition (BIHE 2014), 9th Azerbaijan International Stomatology Azerbaijan 2014 Exhibition and the 8th Azerbaijan International Beauty Azerbaijan Exhibition have taken place from 25 to 27 September at the Baku Expo Centre. The exhibitions had the official support of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan Export and Investment Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO), National Confederation of The Entrepreneurs (Employers) Organizations of Azerbaijan Republic (AEC) and the Azerbaijan Stomatological Association.

The exhibition celebrated an important anniversary this year, with 20 years of success. Over its twenty year history, BIHE has made a significant contribution to the introduction of new medical technologies, becoming an important meeting place for representatives of state bodies, producers of medical equipment, heads of clinics, practising doctors and medical industry specialists. Over the years, over 2000 companies from 45 countries have exhibited at BIHE, numerous agreements have been signed and joint stock enterprises have been formed.

During the Official Opening Ceremony of the exhibition, Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of AzerbaijanElsevarAgayev underlined the importance of the development of the industry, noting that over the past 7 years 600 medical facilities have been renovated, equipped and put into operation. According to Deputy Minister Agayev, the role of the autumn exhibition cannot be overemphasized. Thousands of representatives of the industry from many countries have established new contacts here.

Deputy Minister of Economy and Industry of the Republic of AzerbaijanNiyaziSafarov noted the importance of the Year of Industry in Azerbaijan, which has had a positive effect on the development of all industries in the economy of our country. All of the exhibitions organised in Azerbaijan play an important part in this process.

President of the Azerbaijan Stomatological Association Rena Aliyeva underlined that the healthcare exhibition helps many specialists in their professional growth and plays an important role in the healthcare industry.

Managing Director of ITE Group Edward Strachan stated that the latest developments necessary for the modern healthcare sector were presented by147 companies from 17 countries including Azerbaijan, Belarus, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Russia, Ukraine. Turkey, Switzerland, China and USA. BIHE has been awarded "Approved Event" status by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, which reinforces its recognition as a high quality event and its status in the international community. A wide range of products and services was on display at BIHE, including medical and laboratory equipment, dental equipment, pharmaceuticals, medical consumables, disinfectants, orthopaedic products, high tech diagnostic and treatment methods, medical machinery and many other offerings. The majority of companies offered consultations and presentations on their stands, introduced their new products and displayed their equipment in action.

The Anniversary BIHE 2014 exhibition was accompanied by a substantial business programme. A conference on "Medical tourism - a new type of tourism, marketing strategy and branding" took place on the 25th of September at the Baku Expo Centre. The event was organised with the involvement of the Association of the Public Union of Azerbaijan for the Support of Healthcare and Thermal Tourism.The conference was moderated by Ali Kutvan, President of the Kutvan Project group and representative of Nianta University. The elected speakers included Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan Nazim Samedov, Advisor for Culture and Tourism of the Embassy of Turkey in Azerbaijan Seijit Ahmet Arslan and other notable dignitaries.

According to the participants of the event, the conference will facilitate the development of the field of medical tourism in Azerbaijan, the exchange of experience with Turkish colleagues and the knowledge of the general public about the potential of healthcare tourism in our country.

The business programme continued with the successful 8th conference on "Modern methods of diagnosis and treatment in obstetrics, gynaecology and neonatology," which will took place at the Baku Expo Centre on the second day of the exhibition on the 26th of September. Conference Chairwoman and Deputy Director of the Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Professor Jamila Kurbanova made a welcome address at the conference. According to Professor Kurbanova, women's health and the diagnosis and prevention of illnesses during pregnancy is one of the most important issues in modern medicine.

This event took place as part of the Azerbaijan International Exhibitioin for the first time, allowing respected scientists Professor Lila Rzakulieva from the A. Aliyev Azaerbaijan State Institute of Additional Medical Training, Candidate of Medical Sciences Vafa Kurbanova (Baku Medical Plaza) and Russian Specialist in the Screening of Genetic Defects in Obstetrics and Neonatology, Candidate of Medical Sciences Vyacheslav Mitkin and many others to discuss important issues in the health industry. Domestic specialists described their best practical research to their foreign colleagues.

The conference also featured the participation of Candidate of Medical Sciences of Azerbaijan Medical University Shaiman Kadimova, Specialist of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of Azerbaijan Medical University Ulvia Melikova, Ultrasound Diagnostics Specialist Raksana Aliyeva and Candidate of Medical Sciences of the Moscow State Medical and Stomatological University Nadezhda Chernova. The conference concluded with reports by Azerbaijani and Russian scientists and diagnosticians in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology.

One of the events organised for the Anniversary of the BIHE exhibition was an award ceremony for the student that has received the maximum marks in their application to Azerbaijan Medical University this year. The award was given to IlkinMamedzade, who had the maximum grade of 700 points. The certificate and award were given to the future doctor by Director of Iteca Caspian Farid Mamedov during the grand reception dedicated to the anniversary of the exhibition. Exhibitors and visitors also had the opportunity to take a virtual tour of the past at the anniversary stand which will show historical moments at the exhibition over its 20 year history.

Exhibitors at Beauty Azerbaijan 2014 included the leaders of the professional cosmetics market from Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Georgia, Italy, UAE, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and many other countries. The exhibitors displayed products and technologies which are used in beauty parlours, fitness clubs, spas and hairdressing salons. The exhibition featured equipment for laser cosmetology, fillers, mesotherapy products, professional cosmetics, body care products, nail care products, beaty parlour products and professional hair cosmetics, as well as many other offerings. The visitors had the opportunity to see the products presented in action during master classes and showcases on hair modelling, manicure and skin treatment procedures featuring the leading specialists in their field.

One of the most interesting events at Beauty Azerbaijan was a master class for hairdressers, which took place from 1400 to 1515 at the Baku Expo Centre. The Master Class was led by Svetlana Bogdanova, Champion of the World, winner of 2 Golden Rose Grand Prix (Paris), Champion of Eastern Europe, Champion of the Austrian Open Cup, Champion of Russia, Laureate of the National Award, Honoured Trainer of the Russian federation and repeat winner of the FULL FASHION LOOK competition Andrei Vishnevsky. The master class show concluded with the "Wedding Time" programme, where visitors saw 13 brides, 13 unforgettable hairstyles and 13 bespoke accessories created by hair industry professionals.

Another long awaited event on the second day was the awards ceremony where certificates were presented to the most notable exhibitors this year. An independent commission issued awards for the following categories at BIHE:

  • Best Shell Scheme - LABSERVIS LTD
  • Best Performance - MEDAZ MEDICAL SYSTEMS
  • Best Corporate Style - CASPIDENT
  • Best Product Presentation - GIVC-TECHNOLOGY

Awards were issued for the following categories at Beauty Azerbaijan:

  • Best Stand Design - ZNK
  • Best Shell Scheme - JUNAID PERFUMES
  • Best Performance - VITTA MEDICAL SYSTEMS
  • Best Corporate Style - KEPROSHOP
  • Best Product Presentation - HERBA FLORA

Stomatology Azerbaijan exhibitors presented the latest dentistry equipment and raw materials as well the latest technologies for tooth whitening, implantology and oral hygiene.

The total number of visitors over three days reached 3084, with 90% of them being industry specialists. Over 3 days, these exhibitions became a meeting place for long time partners and doctors, helping to create new channels for cooperation, create excellent opportunities for assessing the market and signing important contracts and investments.

Official partners of all exhibitions in 2014: Official Hotels - JW Marriott Hotel Absheron Baku and Qafqaz Point Hotel, Official Tour Operator Greenwich Travel Club and Official Safety partner - SafeLife. The organisers of the exhibitions are Iteca Caspian LLC and their partners ITE Group PLC.

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