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The 21st Azerbaijan International Healthcare Exhibition, BIHE 2015 got underway at the Baku Expo Centre. Simultaneously alongside BIHE, the opening ceremonies of the 10th Anniversary Azerbaijan International Stomatology Exhibition, Stomatology Azerbaijan 2015 and the 9th Azerbaijan International Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine Exhibition, Beauty Azerbaijan 2015 took place. 189 companies from 19 countries including Britain, Iran, China, Latvia, Finland, Germany, USA, Switzerland are participating in this yearís exhibition and all events are being organised by Iteca Caspian and its partner ITE Group Plc.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was attended by Elsever Aghayev, Deputy Minister of Health of Azerbaijan, Sergey Tsib, Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, Valery Shevchuk, Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Belarus, Esra Tolgay, Exhibitions Director of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies, TURSAB and Mr Edward Strachan, Executive Director of ITE Group Plc. In their speeches, these distinguished guests stressed the importance of this exhibition, which serves as a platform for establishing professional contacts and the exchange of experiences between employees from medical institutions in different countries. On an international level, BIHE attracts not only modern medical equipment providers, pharmacists and scientists, but also enhances the effectiveness of Azerbaijanís health care system. Such great interest from foreign manufacturers in developing business relations with Azerbaijan shows that Azerbaijan is an attractive country where large-scale reforms are being implemented in almost all sectors of the economy.

The exhibitionís success can typically be seen by the growth of the demonstration areas and topical presentations from the international players in the market. The Czech Republic is represented by a national stand, uniting 10 leading healthcare companies. The Russian National Stand has gathered 28 companies, showcasing 150 items. Turkish companies specializing in medical tourism have also presented at a united national stand for the first time. Pharmaceutical companies from Iran are also displaying a proactive attitude.

Traditionally, the BIHE Healthcare Exhibition is a place for companies to demonstrate not only drugs, but also the most modern medical equipment. Participation from local distributors includes companies such as ARASH Medical, Besan, Vitta, Labservis and many others. The exhibition has seen a 12% rise in the number of exhibitors as compared to last year. The BIHE 2015 exhibition covers all major areas of medicine: from medical and laboratory equipment, supplies, pharmaceuticals and medical instruments to baby food. Among this yearís new inventions are devices for the most accurate and informative analysis of blood in the body, new machines for the early detection of foetal malformations in the womb, the latest surgical chair with various possibilities for regulating the position of the patient, varieties of new pharmaceuticals and much more.

As part of the development of the ĎMedical Tourismí sector, more than 30 clinics and companies involved in the organization of treatment abroad will present their services and capabilities. Among them are clinics, health centres and hospitals in Georgia, Latvia and Turkey. This year, medical tourism sector is being supported by the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB), which has attracted cooperation from dozens of different companies.

A distinctive feature of this year's exhibition is its comprehensive business programme, which touches on the most interesting and pressing issues of the industry. The Russian pharmaceutical and medical industryís forum-exhibition entitled ĎRussia-Azerbaijan: pharmaceutical and medical industry today and tomorrowí will take place today.

Scientific and practical conferences entitled ĎModern methods of diagnosis and treatment in obstetrics, gynaecology and neonatologyí and ĎCurrent Issues in Cardiologyí, which will be attended by both local and foreign experts, will be held on the 19th September in the Baku Expo Centre. Additionally, the conference held by TURSAB will touch on the topic of developing medical tourism.

Beauty Azerbaijan 2015 †presented 15 companies from Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Germany, Canada, China, Turkey and other countries. Visitors will learn about industry innovations and interesting offers for professionals and salons. Innovations will be presented by not only foreign manufacturers, but also local distributors such as BTL, ZNK, Vitta Estetik who will use the exhibition to introduce new cosmetics and perfume lines to Azerbaijan.

Beauty Azerbaijan 2015 will offer professional cosmetics, skin, body, and haircare treatment, a wide range of equipment for beauty salons, cosmetics apparatus and much more. In recent years, the exhibition has seen a growth in interest from perfume manufacturers. As numerous hotels and salons offering spa services have opened in Azerbaijan, the exhibition has increased the amount of offers in this area. Manufacturers and distributors will offer original solutions to help beauty salons, fitness clubs, spa centres and hairdressers create exclusive offers and stand out among competitors.

The event is supported by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Dental Association of Azerbaijan, the Azerbaijan Export and Investments Promotion Foundation (AZPROMO) and the National Confederation of Entrepreneursí (Employersí) Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan. BIHE has been awarded a badge by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry - UFI, which is a confirmation of the eventís level of quality and the international communityís recognition of its high status.

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